Liberal Hollywood Racist Moonbat Sarah Silverman Makes A Video To Imply Black People Owning Guns Would Be Scary

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

No one dares to call Liberals racist while allowing them to project their racism onto conservatives who rarely shine a mirror back at them. Well, there’s no doubt in my mind that Sarah Silverman is a racist after watching a Funny or Die video posted that implies the NRA would be frightened by a “Black NRA” (allowing all young black males to have guns).

How racist is Sarah Silverman that she believes we all should be frightened by the thought of arming blacks? Obviously, the black community suffers a high crime rate (especially in gun-control cities like Chicago) and blacks could help turn the tables on criminals if they took the initiative in applying personal responsibility to learn how to use a gun properly for self-defense. How racist is Sarah Silverman that she believes the NRA would have to have a separate organization designated for “Blacks”? Typical duplicity of a Liberal to project that others segregate by skin color while they clearly segregate in their own messaging to the public.

Actually, if Sarah did her research, she might discover that the NRA helped to arm blacks giving them effective protection against the KKK (consisting of racist Democrats like Sarah). Sarah might additionally discover plenty of black members in the NRA who are responsible gun owners. Why does Sarah Silverman hate blacks and why wouldn’t Sarah want blacks to be able to defend their families against crime? Another inconvenient truth for Liberals is that blacks benefit the most (more than whites) from “Stand Your Ground” laws.

Hat Tip to GunsSaveLives who has the full Sarah Silverman video posted along with rebuttal videos from young black males (two included below). The first video (below) opens with a brief taste of Sarah’s “Black NRA” routine followed by an intelligent response from Carl Jackson.



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