Liberal Freaks Over Climate, Won’t Fly, Won’t Have Children (Maybe)

This is the effect the latest IPCC Climate Change report had on one true believer:

But that’s not all! He’s going to have a vasectomy, too, according to the Huffington Post. Because the earth is too valuable to corrupt with human beings.

Or maybe not.

An incredibly personal decision to have kids? Not if there’s a climate catastrophe coming! The fate of the world is at stake! A scientific panel and brilliant politicians must decide if we have kids. Or maybe just Al Gore will tell us. How can we silly, unscientific people possibly know if it’s okay to have kids?

Fortunately, there’s no such crisis, as much as the politicians and alarmists want us to think there is one. As William Teach wrote before on Gateway Pundit, other studies say that the evidence leans against human-caused global warming. And here’s a chart which shows the climate “models” vs. reality (the observations are always lower than what’s been modeled):

So Eric Holthaus can safely have kids, if he wants to, without fear of causing a crisis. And while he and the other climate alarmists try to impose their views on the world, the rest of us will work to be sure having kids stays a personal decision.

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