Left Losing Respect for Obama: Presser Slammed On MSNBC as ‘Actually Embarrassing’

Note from Andrea Ryan:  I apologize.  I missed this timely story in my inbox on Friday.

Guest Post by Breitbart News writer, John Nolte

The Washington Free Beacon correctly identifies MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe as a “reliable White House defender.”  But what is interesting about Wolffe’s brutal response to President Obama’s Friday morning press conference is that he is openly insulting Obama for blowing his presentation of his case for war with Syria:

Wolffe describes the president’s performance as “embarrassing,” “muddled,” and “unconvincing,” and then goes on to say, “If you want to take a country to a difficult place, which is this authorization for war, you have to be much more clear and convincing about what the rationale is.”


It is not uncommon for the left to criticize Obama in those rare instances where they see him as moving too far right, but openly attacking The One’s speaking skills and ability to communicate in such an insulting way on MSNBC shows that the left is losing respect for Obama.

When a president loses his base, that is when his approval ratings hit the thirties.

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