Kerry & Dempsey Endorse The Pelosi Strategy On Syria

By Steve Schippert, Formerly of ThreatsWatch

It appears we are just going to have to approve President Obama’s Syria war plan so we “can find out what’s in it.” After all, that’s what Washington does now when something’s just too darn hard to explain.

The Kerry & Dempsey Show in the Senate Tuesday practically begged for Nancy Pelosi to bust onto the scene and bail them out with another skit-like presser.

If you think it an exaggeration, consider this mind-numbing exchange between Senator Bob Corker (R – TN) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Martin Dempsey.

DEMPSEY: The answer to whether I support additional support for the moderate opposition is yes.

CORKER: And this authorization will support those activities in addition to responding to the weapons of mass destruction.

DEMPSEY: I don’t know how the resolution will evolve, but I support –

CORKER: What you’re seeking. What is it you’re seeking?

DEMPSEY: I can’t answer that, what we’re seeking.

It’s as if the General is saying “I support more support. But only for the moderates, of course. Not the ‘other’ bad guys.” Yeah, but what exactly do you want? “I don’t know.”

Did the dog eat your homework? Isn’t this where the responsible kindly show them the exit? No.

This is where we instead expect the too-familiar British accent in the junk infomercial to breathlessly exclaim, “But wait! There’s more!”

And indeed on Tuesday there was. Secretary of State John Kerry was not about to be left out of the reindeer games. On the issue of ground troops, he attempted a Foggy Bottom Jedi Mind Trick.

However, Mr. Kerry raised eyebrows by requesting that the use of troops not be explicitly ruled out in the proposal in case “Syria implodes” or other catastrophic developments unfold. “I don’t want to take off the table an option that might or might not be on the table,” he said.


He later tried to walk that dog back into its cage by saying he was simply “thinking out loud.” If that’s the amusement park that’s in his mind when he’s thinking out loud, stop the ride now. I want off and I want a refund.

But that’s your Secretary of State making “the case” for war. A war that’s simply a case of Red on Red; bad guys vs. bad guys with a few good guys (Dempsey’s “moderates”?) haplessly in the middle between ferocious and vicious.

And we’re going to do what, exactly, in Syria at this point that furthers US National Security?

General Dempsey already told you. “I can’t answer that.


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