Kenya Jihadis Rehearsed And Planted Machine Guns Prior To Slaughter

Learn from this, America:

A wounded woman is helped to safety after gunmen opened fire in a shopping centre in Nairobi, Kenya

Just like Jihadis planned and rehearsed prior to 9/11, the religious Nazis of peace also rehearsed their slaughter of non-muslims in Kenya:

The building’s blueprints were studied, down to the ventilation ducts. The attack was rehearsed and the team dispatched, slipping undetected through Kenya’s porous borders, often patrolled by underpaid — and deeply corrupt — border guards.

A day or two before the attack, powerful belt-fed machine guns were secretly stashed in a shop in the mall with the help of a colluding employee, officials say. At least one militant had even packed a change of clothes so he could slip out with fleeing civilians after the killings were done. [LINK]

I hope the security teams at places like Mall of America are examining their people and procedures.

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