Iran Hacked into Navy Computers While Obama Negotiated With Iranian President

President Obama and his administration were busy this week snubbing Americans and negotiating with Muslim extremists.  First, they compared Republicans to terrorists, then Obama started negotiations with Iran, while refusing to negotiate with Republicans. Now we find out that Iran was hacking into the Navy’s computers, while Obama negotiated with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.  The U.S. confirmed the attacks were carried out by the Iranian government or by a group acting with approval by the Iranian government.

Washington Times reported:

The U.S. officials said they didn’t believe Iranian agents stole information of significant value, but the incident sparked concerns within the Pentagon because it showed a more potent Iranian hacking capability than previously believed and suggested the Iranians have the ability to access military data.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey were briefed on the intrusions and on the department’s attempts to upgrade its network, U.S. officials said. Congress has also been also briefed on the intrusions, other U.S. officials said.

The Pentagon wouldn’t confirm the alleged Iranian hacks. A department spokesman said its networks are attacked daily.

“We take these attempts seriously and work to learn lessons from every one of them,” the spokesman said.

There has been a growing recognition among U.S. military and intelligence officials that Iranian cyber-capabilities, once discounted as minimal, now pose a significant threat.

The stepped up Iranian cyber-activities are of particular concern to U.S. officials given the Iranian regime’s increasingly aggressive behavior in recent years in other arenas.

“Their ability to also play in this [cyber] sandbox compounds that concern,” a U.S. official said.

President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hasan Rouhani spoke on Friday, as U.S. and Iranian officials try to restart negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

But behind the potential for a thaw in relations is an aggressive Iranian military that in recent years has aspired to counter U.S. and Israeli adversaries, relying on extremist groups and sophisticated offensive techniques at sea and in international espionage.

Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, with an overseas component known as the Qods Force, was implicated by U.S. officials in a 2011 plot to kill Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in Washington.

Iran has denied those allegations and called them politically motivated.

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