Illegal Aliens Chain Themselves to White House Fence and Promise More Civil Unrest

(photo from

(photo from

Today, seven illegal immigrants chained themselves to the White House fence demanding that President Obama halt deportations of illegal immigrants and promise more civil unrest is to come.  This comes a day after Obama told Telemundo that halting deportations by executive order “is not an option” since it would violate federal law.

International Business Times reported:

The crowd that gathered can be heard chanting “yes, we can” and “not one more, stop deportation” as Capitol police look on.

“We want Obama to take action,” said Marisa Franco, campaign manager at National Day Laborer Organizing Network, or NDLON. “He has campaigned as the champion of our community. He’s overseen record deportations. It’s unacceptable. He cannot call himself champion when he’s deporter in chief.”

Washington Times has more on the story.

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