Horror! Details Emerge Of Sadistic Torture Perpetrated By Muslims In Kenya’s Westgate Mall Attack


Details are beginning to emerge about the sadistic horrors perpetrated by members of the religion of peace at the Westgate Mall in Kenya. (h/t Rantburg)

According to doctors called to the mall after the end of the siege and from recollections of photos in our possession, the terrorists removed the balls, eyes, nose and ears of hostages. They forced the hostages to use their chopped off hands to write their names.

They ripped noses using pliers and cut fingers with knives and hanged some of the hostages instead of shooting them dead. They also sent chopped limbs down the escalator to people eagerly waiting to rescue hostages.

The terrorists hid behind tinted window panes only to open fire on civilians who were being rescued. When they were being attacked, they used hostages as human shields. [MORE]

Boy, I’d hate to see what the Islamists would be doing if al Qaeda wasn’t in retreat! Thanks for protecting us, President Obama!

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