Ha! Obamacare Video: “Forced to Enroll”

Because spending $1.1 to $2.6 trillion on Obamacare over the next ten years isn’t enough, the Department of Health and Human Services announced a $30,000 video contest to promote Obamacare. That’s right, you could win fabulous prizes! All you have to do is convince young Americans to sign up for something they don’t want or need (and probably can’t afford)!

Why the push? Without lots of healthy young people buying health insurance they don’t need, Obamacare doesn’t work. That’s why they’ll be forced to enroll.

The good people at Reason submitted this video:


What’s hated by unions
has businesses wary
and dropping coverage
like the ‘Skins secondary?

Causing thousands of layoffs
taking it’s toll?
What’s so good for people
that they’re forced to enroll?

What’s a law that’s so good
folks who passed and defended it
see it and got waivers
to be exempted? It’s

like Olestra, at first
it sounded hip
but we quickly found ourselves
dealing with a whole lot of sh…

Obamacare, Obamacare
Unions and businesses both in despair

So to recap, young people,
your hours get cut
and your income goes down
and your premium’s up

Good luck!

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