Ha! Obama Lapdog Claire McCaskill Whines Republicans Are “Throwing Tantrums” Over ObamaCare, Meanwhile Obama Is Throwing Tantrums Over ObamaCare

claire obamas joker

Sen. Claire McCaskill, the luckiest politician in America, appeared on Fox News Sunday and accused Republicans of “throwing tantrums” over ObamaCare.  Meanwhile, Obama is throwing tantrums over ObamaCare.

Breitbart reported:

“I don’t think in America we should throw tantrums when we lose elections and threaten to shut down the government and refuse to pay the bills,” the Missouri Democrat said on “Fox News Sunday.” “The American people had a choice last November. They had a choice between someone who said repeal Obamacare, and President Obama.”

“I cannot believe that they are gonna throw a tantrum and throw the American people and our economic recovery under the bus,” she said of Republicans. “It is really gonna hurt real people. And this is just political point-making.”

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