Ha! ‘Al Qaeda faction in Syria announces offensive on fellow rebels’

Syrian rebels

War is breaking out in Syria. Not the civil war between Assad and the rebels. The new war breaking out is between the rebels themselves:

(Reuters) – Al Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria have declared an offensive against two other insurgent factions, underlining growing turmoil and infighting in the 2-1/2-year-old conflict.

At least someone there’s killing al Qaeda.

Hilariously, there are even Qaeda versus Qaeda attacks going on among the rebels:


In addition to the frayed relationships between Islamist and non-Islamist rebel groups, some fighters say there have also been rising tensions among Islamist fighters.

Sources said most of the Islamist clashes were down to localized power disputes, but some added there was also a larger conflict over how to impose Islamist rule. (LINK)

Mohammed: The best way to kill a Christian is to cut off its head!
Other Mohammed: No! The best way to kill a Christian is to stone it!
Mohammed (Angry): Infidel!

Nice group Obama’s supporting there.

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