GOP Sen. Corker Rips Obama: A “Diminished Figure On Capitol Hill”, “Uncomfortable Being Commander-In-Chief”

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

It seems more and more politicians are mustering the courage to speak out against the administration. More and more statements are being publicly expressed that reflect poorly on Obama and his administration. While such statements may not be unusual (or even considered mild) for most citizens paying attention, it’s certainly a new trend for political representatives. One can only hope this trend picks up speed and gains momentum.

In a recent interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Senator Bob Corker is disappointed with the Obama Administration as a “diminished figure on Capitol Hill” and Obama is seen as “uncomfortable being Commander-in-Chief.” The Liberal media is beside itself and ready to blame the negative statements as limited to the GOP.


But not so fast. Someone may need to remind the media that MSNBC’s Liberal Richard Wolffe also notes Obama’s “embarrassing” and “muddled” handling of Syria. Or that Liberal Democrat Dennis Kucinich feels Obama is close to impeachment. Or Liberal progressive Cornel West feels Obama is defined by “pretty words that hide ugly deeds.”

Here’s the recent Bob Corker interview (Hat Tip to Mediaite and ORYR):

One thing is for sure, ripping into Obama has been a winning recipe for Jay Leno who quips that Obama is no longer popular abroad to the point that even Kenyans don’t want to admit Obama was born there. A lot of truth is often said in jest.

Hat Tip to Mediaite and ORYR again:

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