Former Muslim Brotherhood Member Walid Shoebat ‘Being Harassed By U.S. Govt For Investigating Obama’s Family Ties’

Posted by Andrea Shea King, Radio Patriot.  Twitter @RadioPatriot

Walid Shoebat says the Obama Administration is breathing hot and heavy on him. 

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The Right Scoop reports:


On the Kuhner Report yesterday, Walid Shoebat told of how he is now being harassed and spied upon by the Obama administration over the work he has done uncovering Obama’s familial Islamist ties, especially his brother Malik Obama who is a supporter of terrorism. Shoebat said his phone is being tapped so they can listen into his house even when he is not on the phone. He said he has received harassing phone calls over and over and that a pre-taped, un-aired phone interview he had just recorded was played back to him on his phone just after he had finished recording it and hung up. Just unbelievable.

But Shoebat says he is an Eastern Christian and try as they may to wear him out by harassing him, he will not give up telling the truth to the American people about this president. Shoebat says the only way they will stop him is to kill him and he says, essentially, ‘bring it on.’

Mark Steyn talks about Shoebat’s research in this video.

More at The Right Scoop.

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