Figures! Univ. of California Doubling Tuition and Firing Teachers, Still Spending Millions on Mansion for Janet Napolitano


Janet Napolitano is going to be living high on the hog when the former Homeland Security chief starts her new gig as President of the University of California.

Despite budget cuts that have led to layoffs and a doubling of tuition, the university plans to spend north of $6 million renovating a mansion for Napolitano.

UC to spend up to $6m on crumbling  mansion for new president Janet Napolitano despite tuition fees doubling and teacher layoffs due to budget cuts

Napolitano, former Homeland Security Secretary and the first female UC president will live in rented house costing  $10,000 a month while mansion repaired

Napolitano’s base salary will be $570,000, and she’ll receive $142,500 in moving expenses

Plans also call for adding a laundry, kitchen and upgraded bathrooms to the 4,300-square-foot private living quarters 

It’s all for the children, right Janet?