Figures. Obama Spoke With GOP Speaker for 10 Minutes – Spoke With Iranian President for 15

By Andrea Ryan and Jim Hoft


President Barack Obama called House speaker John Boehner tonight.

“The president called the speaker this evening to discuss funding for the government and Obamacare,” said Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck in a statement. “The speaker told the president that Obamacare is costing jobs and that American families are being denied basic fairness when big businesses are getting exemptions that they are not. ”

According to Boehner’s office, the two spoke for close to ten minutes.

On Friday, Obama spoke with Iranian President Rouhani for 15 minutes.


While an anticipated handshake between Rouhani and Obama at United Nations headquarters failed to materialize, they held a 15-minute call on Friday at the end of the moderate new Iranian president’s trip for the U.N. General Assembly.

Obama devotes more time and effort into his Islamic terrorist-supporting friends in Tehran than he does with our Speaker of the House.

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