Figures…Anti-Israel Protesters Sing “Shoot The Jew” (VIDEO)

At a recent event in South Africa featuring Israeli musicians, anti-Israel activists turned out to protest. They were organized under the banner of Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) against Israel

At this BDS action, the protesters loudly sang a song including the lyric “Shoot the Jew” as concert goers arrived. [h/t Legal Insurrection]

“…protestors sang a traditional struggle sung [sic], but replaced the lyric “shoot the farmer” with words which translate into English as “shoot the Jew.”

The New Left has been stoking hatred against the Jews for a very long time, and while this event took place in South Africa, it’s roots are in California.


The BDS movement is largely organized and supported by the same people who organized the violent flotilla movement against Israel, a largely unknown American group called Global Exchange. Who are they? They’re the parent organization of CodePink. Who’s CodePink? Well, in 2001 they were 100k cash bundlers for Obama.


CodePink & Global Exchange founder Jodie Evans pictured separately with Hugo Chavez, and President Obama. In both pictures Evans is on the left.

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