Obama’s Jim Crow Foreign Policy? Segregated Syria War Meeting at White House with Congressional Black Caucus

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UPDATE: Pool report via The Weekly Standard. Obama spent one hour in segregated Syria war meeting. 

President Barack Obama and his National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who like Obama is Black, are holding a classified meeting on Syria at the White House with members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) , according to reporter April Ryan, the White House reporter for American Urban Radio Networks.


While there are times that a meeting with the group that is a repugnant remnant of racial divisions in America might make sense — such as how to get Black unemployment down from the double-digit Depression era levels it has been since Obama took office — it is hard to see what the ‘black take’ on Syria is that differentiates the CBC from the rest of the country.

The only possible explanation is that Obama is making a special racial solidarity pitch with his soul brothers and sisters in Congress. Otherwise, the meeting would have been open to all members of Congress regardless of race.

Tweets by April Ryan on the CBC meeting at the White House:

“CBC members have arrived at the White House for their top secret meeting with National Security advisor Susan Rice”

“Outside pic of the National Security Advisors office.  CBC members are meeting with National Security… http://instagram.com/p/eDQexOijen/

NSA copy

“Spotted going to briefing with National Security Advisor Susan Rice and POTUS a large contingent of CBC members including Congressman Rangel”

Ryan was kind enough to respond to a question via Twitter on whether any non-Black members of Congress attended to the CBC meeting:

“@KristinnFR He has been meeting with non-black members. I am wondering when the Congressional Hispanic Caucus meeting takes place”

Ryan then followed with a succinct, “Yes,” when asked if the meeting was with Black members of Congress only.


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