Enroll America: Obama’s Campaign Goes Enrolling

Back in May, Obama’s HHS Secretary Sebelius called private companies, business executives and nonprofit groups to get them to support something called Enroll America.

Sebelius’s calls worked. Enroll America was born. A bunch of lobbyists joined on as Enroll America’s Board of Directors, and it’s run by former Obama staffers. The same Obama staffers who mined big data and delivered votes for Obama are now enrolling Americans in Obamacare.

Here they are, standing in “private” businesses like CVS pharmacies, trying to get you to enroll.

Enroll America outreach worker Rosy Mota (right) talks about the federal health care law with a CVS customer.NPR/Carrie Feibel

NPR Reports:

“Hello, would you like a brochure about the new health care coverage that’s coming into effect? We’ll be here if you have any questions,” she tells a customer.

Mota works for , a national organization that has from the Obama re-election campaign. The group has combined sophisticated data-mining techniques and digital maps to figure out where the uninsured in Houston live, down to the block and house level.

Enroll America has just seven workers for Houston’s 800,000 uninsured residents. But it is part of a coalition of organizations that includes the city health department, the county’s public clinics, and groups like the Urban League. They’re all trying to get the word out about health insurance marketplaces and help the uninsured buy coverage made possible by the health law. The exchanges are scheduled to open Oct. 1.

Remember, Obamacare will:

– Increase the deficit
– Leave 30 million Americans uninsured
– Will increase premiums
– Force Americans off their plans
– Cost millions of jobs
– Cost trillions
– Cover abortion
– Allow thousands of federal employers access to private information
– Give the IRS new powers

H/T Godfather Politics