Egyptian Navy Kills Two ‘Syrian-Palestinians’


Egyptian naval forces have killed two ‘Syrian-Palestinians’ who were attempting to illegally travel to Italy en route to Sweden.

Two Syrian-Palestinian refugees killed attempting illegal passage from Alexandria to Europe

Egyptian security forces on Tuesday foiled an attempt by Syrian and Palestinian refugees to emigrate from Alexandria to Italy by sea, killing two of the refugees.

Coastal guards opened fire on the boat, which was carrying at least one hundred refugees, leading to the death of two Palestinians on board – 30 year-old Omar Delol and 50 year-old Fadwa Taha – according to rights lawyer Mahinour El-Masry.

Egypt is engaged in a full scale war against Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. Those terrorists include Brotherhood offshoots Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and al-Qaida.

Part of Egypt’s war on terror involves securing its borders and sea lanes.

It’s unknown if the two dead are suspected terrorists or simply civilians trying to flee various Islamist hell holes.

Let’s see if CodePink, Roger Waters, Oliver Stone, Progressive Democrats of America, Alice Walker, or any of the other extremists who endorsed, supported and participated in the Free Gaza March & Flotilla movement, will bother to raise their voices in outrage over this incident. Or does that outrage narrative only apply when one of the parties is a Jew?

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