Egyptian Military: Muslim Brotherhood & Hamas Have Anti-Aircraft Missiles


According to the Egyptian military, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas (Gaza Muslim Brotherhood) have “anti-aircraft missiles.”

The army seized weapons including anti-aircraft missiles, [an Army spokesman] said. Motorized paragliders had also been found, which he said showed an effort to develop new methods of attack.

Where did they get these missiles? Who knows, perhaps it was from an Obama “street vendor” outside the American consulate in Benghazi.

They found the weapons while demolishing buildings on the border between Egypt and Gaza.

The Egyptian army is clearing buildings deemed a security threat at a distance of up to one km (0.6 miles) from the Gaza border, an army spokesman said on Sunday, accusing groups in the Hamas-run territory of mounting joint attacks with Sinai militants.

Oddly, Egypt isn’t facing the same wrath from the progressive movement that Israel does for doing the exact same thing, protecting itself from the terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Where is Roger Waters? Where is Bill Ayers? Where is Code Pink? Where is Oliver Stone? They’re all conveniently silent unless it’s Jews protecting themselves from the jihadis that surround them. Why is that?


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