Egyptian Forces Liberate Local Christians – Recapture Town From Muslim Brotherhood

This week government forces recaptured a town held by the Muslim Brotherhood after Christians begged for help.  From

On Monday, police arrested dozens of militants, opposed to the ousting of Mohamed Morsi, the country’s first elected president. The authorities blame the militants for torching Christian homes and attacking police stations and monasteries in the impoverished town in Minya province, 250km south of Cairo, Egypt’s state media said and residents confirmed.

The raid comes after repeated pleas for help from the town’s Coptic Christians who were either forced to leave or had to to pay protection money to the group, which took over the town on July 3 after the military ousted Mr Morsi.

Take a close look at that. Obama’s allies in the Muslim Brotherhood are forcing non-muslims to pay “protection” money, also known as “Jizyah”. That’s the sharia my friends, circa 2013 (year 5 of our dear leader). That’s what Morsi and his crew of Bros had in mind all along. Now they have nothing to lose so the mask is off.

With the following in mind, ask yourself the questions below:


The Muslim Brotherhood spawned Hamas
The Muslim Brotherhood spawned Islamic Jihad
The Muslim Brotherhood spawned al-Qaida

Which side are we supporting?

Was this the fundamental transformation America wanted?

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