Early Turnout Strong In Colorado Gun-Control Recall Effort

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

The statists have tried every trick in the book to dismantle the second amendment thus promoting their gun-control agenda—or would people-control be a better term? In Colorado, there has been a backlash against the gun-control legislators in the form of a recall effort on those that pushed for legislation.

The anti-gunners have responded with every trick they can think of, ranging from Bloomberg and other anti-gunners pumping large sums of money to support Senators being recalled to stealing the recall signs.

Hopefully, the recall effort will send a strong message to Colorado Democrats like Hullinghorst who insist that government—not guns—will keep us safe. The August statistics for gun-control Chicago alone prove Hullinghorst’s theory incorrect.

Early voting has started and turnout is strong.

FoxNews reports the following:

Colorado residents go to the polls Tuesday to vote on whether to recall two state senators who supported stricter gun laws in the aftermath of two 2012 mass  shootings.

The recall vote effort appears to be the strongest backlash to such state votes — considering Democratic-leaning Connecticut, Maryland and New York passed similar legislation without resulting in a recall effort getting on a ballot.

Gun rights advocates launched the recall initiative against Colorado Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron because they voted for stricter gun laws, including limiting the size of ammunition magazines and requiring universal background checks.

Early voting in Colorado’s first legislative recall elections has been strong so far.

Some voting centers opened early Friday in Morse’s El Paso County district after lines formed on Thursday — the first day of early voting there. […]

Early voting has been under way in Giron’s Pueblo County district for a week with more than 7,000 people voting so far. More voting centers were added Thursday. […]

The legislation they supported limits most ammunition magazines to 15 rounds and an expansion of background checks to include online and private firearm sales. Most Colorado sheriffs are also suing to overturn the laws, which took effect July 1.

Proponents of the recall and those who support the sheriffs’ lawsuit said the new laws violate the Second Amendment.

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