Does Newark Mayor Cory Booker Have His Own Thug Squad? UPDATE: Video Added

Earlier we reported on a press conference held by Steve Lonegan, Republican candidate for US Senate in a special election. His opponent is Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

The press conference was held outside a derelict property turned “crack house” that until 3 months ago was owned by none other than Newark Mayor, and Democrat US Senate candidate, Cory Booker.

He only divested himself of the property through slight of hand by donating it to a charity he founded.

We reported that some people took offense to Lonegan’s presence and did their best to shut the press conference down by shouting at the Republican candidate.

before Steve Lonegan could begin criticizing the mayor for allowing his former Court Street property to fall into disrepair, a mysterious group of men began shouting him down.

“We don’t want you in Newark!” they shouted. “Go back where you came from!”

Go back where he came from? Is that where his kind of people belong? What other kind of people aren’t allowed in Newark? Is Cory Booker allowed to be where Lonegan is from? How offensive!

At least Lonegan has the stones to go there and draw attention to the urban decay. Rather than being mad at Lonegan, the guy who isn’t the slumlord, the protesters should have been outraged that Mayor Booker wasn’t there at himself. Why wasn’t he there addressing the poverty gripping his own block? Maybe he was too busy hob-knobbing with Jimmy Fallon. 

Now we learn why the protesters were angry at the man who doesn’t own a ‘crack house’ instead of the guy who did. This bigoted disturbance was caused by none other than members of Mayor Booker’s own charity, the same one he donated the property to.

And when they finished with Lonegan, the protesters headed right back to their headquarters – the offices of a charity Booker himself helped start.

Will Mayor Booker condemn the members of his charity who told Steve Lonegan to ‘go back where he came from’?

Will Mayor Booker stand by while members of his organization attack the first amendment by trying to deny the Republican candidate his civil rights?

If the Mayor remains silent, then these “protesters” are nothing more than Newark Mayor Booker’s own personal thug squad.

PREVIOUSLYRepublican US Senate Candidate Holds Press Conference In Front Of Democrat Opponent’s “Crack House”

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