Democrat War On Children: More Liberals Wishing For Children’s Death

The Democrats are running a War On Children.

What is it with Liberals and wishing death and disease on other people’s children?  This morning, a Democratic party official, Allan Brauer, attacked the children of Ted Cruz’s aide, Amanda Carpenter.  He disagreed with the decision from the House Republicans, so, therefore, he wished a long, painful death on Amanda Carpenter’s children.

The Washington Free Beacon reports,


Allan Brauer, the communications chair for the Democratic Party of Sacramento, Calif., told an aide to Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Tex.) on Friday that he hoped her children “die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.”

Here are the offensive Tweets:



Maybe he’s coordinating something with the KU professor that just wished for the mass slaughter of NRA members’ children.  These sick, twisted miscreants can’t figure out how to direct their petulant anger, so their first and immediate impulse is to attack children?  What is more precious than children?  Nothing.  And the Liberals choose them for what they want to destroy.  It’s beyond disturbing.

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