Democrat Blumenthal Attempts To Avoid Q & A From Town Hall Audience—Patriot In Audience Has A Different Plan

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Connecticut representatives Himes and Blumenthal hold a town hall packed with constituents. They are about to make up an excuse to avoid feedback from the audience when one of the audience members shouts out a request that turns the tables on Himes and Blumenthal. Love it!

Hat Tip AtlasShrugs who notes:

I love this. Take notes, freedom lovers, this is what citizen activism looks like. Kudos, “mystery man.”

I Own The World reports the following:

Himes and Blumenthal held a Townhall meeting today at the Darien, Connecticut Library to discuss with their constituents whether going to Syria is in the Connecticut citizen’s best interest or not.

The room was packed but there was no real discussion that led Blumenthal or Himes to see things differently, it was more Kabuki theater, with neither ceding an inch of their steadfast hawkish beliefs. Blumenthal and Himes then informed the citizenry that the support and opposition for the war was a mixed bag of opinion, creating the illusion that their opinions are not out of lockstep with the voters.

Just as Blumenthal was giving the crowd notice that he was going to leave, a mystery man in the back of the room yelled that they should poll the room to see if it would comport with their contention that they were not going against the grain in order to prop up an increasingly bizarre foreign policy being supplied by Barack Obama.

A bit taken aback, Blumenthal and Himes hesitated before finally agreeing to do the poll.

The room was 90% in favor of staying out of Syria’s civil war.

The republican challengers of both Himes and Blumenthal now have their campaign commercials if they vote to go to war.

Himes and Blumenthal – who do they represent? Not the people of Connecticut.

Thank you Mystery Man.

Update: Himes and Blumenthal are saying that they are undecided  on their vote and were so before the meeting. Ya, okay. Every poll says 90% against but they are holding town hall meetings to try and figure out how the people feel.

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