“Defenseless” – Dana Loesch Announces New Book Taking Aim At Gun Control

dana loesch fired up

Congratulations to Dana Loesch on her recent announcement that Center Street Publishing has inked a deal to acquire her new book, “Defenseless”:

New Book “Defenseless” Takes Aim At Gun Control, Released Next Year

NASHVILLE, TN – Center Street, an imprint of Hachette Nashville, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Defenseless by Dana Loesch, the outspoken conservative talk show host and political commentator. Senior Editor Kate Hartson acquired world rights from Keith Urbahn and Matt Latimer of Javelin.

In Defenseless, Loesch examines the motivations of the political left to grab the guns of law-abiding citizens, leaving vulnerable millions of Americans, especially women.  She digs deep into the history of the Second Amendment, looking closely at the advantage a no-guns policy would give to murderers, rapists, and other criminals.  She urges readers to fight back against what she sees as a hypocritical and unwarranted federal intrusion by policymakers who themselves rely on guns for their protection. The always provocative Loesch – who was once banned from CNN’s Piers Morgan for her support of self-defense — will present new reporting and offer surprising insights about gun control, while also offering a plan for reclaiming our rights and the security necessary for our peace of mind.

I emailed with Dana about her new book and she had this to say:

I’m excited about this book, this topic is close to my heart, speaking as a mother who must daily live with threats and intimidation from the left as many conservative women do. I’m not arguing that everyone should have guns, I’m arguing that those who can and want to should keep theirs.

It’s shameful but true. Women and men both need to protect themselves from the allegedly tolerant progressive left.

I also asked Dana if her book explores the issue of racist motives related to gun control:

I do address the racist roots of gun control in this book.

Good. That means this book is going to contain some inconvenient truths!

Dana’s a brilliant rising media star so keep your eyes open for this book. If it’s like her other work, “Defenseless” is going to make big waves.