Creepy Care: Government Gynecologist

The true War On Women is ObamaCare.

The biggest consumers of healthcare are women.  Not only do they make healthcare decisions for themselves, but frequently for their families, as well.  But, the Liberal progressive monstrosity of ObamaCare aims to replace her with a government directing healthcare for everyone.

Below is a video produced by MyGenOpportunity that has gone viral.  Replacing the gynecologist with an ugly and fear-inducing symbol of an aggressively invasive government, its message is at least accurate.  People either love it or hate it, but the general consensus is that it’s creepy.  But, it’s only as creepy as its subject matter… ObamaCare.

ObamaCare provides creepiness for all.  Hello, urologist.

Creepy, accurate, scary?  Or is it over the top?  What do you think?

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