Cornel West: “Uncertain” if 9/11 was an Inside Job, “Democracy Now” Tells the Truth

Note from Andrea Ryan: As a follow up to Mara’s post, On 9-11 “21-Muslim March” on D.C.-Cornel West Among the 21 Who Came To Protest, West further reveals he’s nuts.

Guest Post by Breitbart News writer, Rebel Pundit

At perhaps the biggest failure of a “million” something march in Washington, D.C., in this case the “Million Muslim March,” which turned out to be a two dozen truther march, Cornel West told the Capitol City Project’s Joe Schoffstall, that he is “unsure” whether or not the September 11, 2001 attacks were an “inside job.”

West went on to say, his hunch “is Bin Laden had something to do with it…but at this point I am still uncertain.”

When asked if he had a message for Fox News, West said, “Quit lying, tell the truth…get off the propaganda bandwagon and tell the truth.” And the one media outlet that actually does tell the truth, West claimed, is Democracy Now.

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