Breaking: Dead Navy Yard Shooter Identified – Aaron Alexis Of Ft. Worth, Texas Updated: Suspect Had Security Clearance

Twitchy is reporting on the ID of the Navy Yard shooter: Twitchy Headline1 Here’s the pic:

From the image above ==> Alleged Violation: PC 42.12(B) MA DISCHARGE FIREARM UPDATE: NBC just broadcast this picture of navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis. It sure looks like the same fellow as above. Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 2.44.15 PM Dan Riehl Adds:

UPDATE: Here’s a good local article about Aaron Alexis. (h/t Look_A_Squirrel)

“He loved to go to temple, go to meditate in Thai and English,” the friend said. “He could do both of them.”

I guess the meditation wasn’t helping.

UPDATE: Aaron Alexis “arrested by Seattle police in 2004 for shooting out the tires of another man’s vehicle” AND according to a July 5th police report, Alexis “put unknown substance in gas tank to damage vehicle.”

UPDATE: Suspect had security clearance.  He was working for an HP subcontractor called “The Experts,” refreshing equipment on the Navy Marine Corps network.

UPDATE: Suspect started out with a shotgun and accumulated more weapons from his victims.



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