Australia’s Conservative PM, Abbott, Abolishing Ntnl Carbon Tax and Cracking Down On Borders


It’s so refreshing to see a country making good decisions for itself.  Australia just elected a new Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.  In less than one week in office, the conservative Prime Minister has already ordered the national carbon tax be abolished and has cracked down hard on Australia’s borders.  Wow.  Common sense got elected in Australia.  Clearly, they must not have a permanent electorate living on the government dole, like the United States.

According to Yahoo News,

Tony Abbott was sworn in as Australia’s new prime minister on Wednesday and immediately ordered the scrapping of the nation’s carbon tax and the halting of asylum-seeker boats.

The 55-year-old conservative pledged to get down to work after a ceremony at Government House in Canberra where his Liberal/National government officially brought six years of Labor rule to a close.

“Today is not just a ceremonial day, it’s an action day. The Australian people expect us to get straight down to business and that’s exactly what this government will do,” Abbott said in a statement.

He was elected on September 7 on a pledge to quickly scrap taxes on corporate pollution and mining profits imposed under the Labor administration, as well as introducing a costly paid parental leave scheme and a vow to build new roads across the vast nation.

Top of his to-do list is axing the unpopular carbon tax, which charges the country’s biggest polluters for their emissions at a fixed price.

His new government instead favours a “direct action” plan that includes an emissions reduction fund to pay companies to increase their energy efficiency, and money for schemes to replenish soil carbon and plant 20 million trees.

“As soon as I return to Parliament House from the swearing-in ceremony, I will instruct the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to prepare the carbon tax repeal legislation,” said Abbott, who once famously said that evidence blaming mankind for climate change was “absolute crap”.

Another central plank of Abbott’s election campaign was stopping asylum-seeker boats. His policy of using the navy to tow them back to Indonesia — their typical point of transit — was to come into effect Wednesday, and could prove to be an early test of his mettle.

“It’s so important that we send a message to the people-smugglers that, from today, their business model is coming to an end,” Abbott said.

Prime Minister Abbot’s campaign slogan was, “It’s time for a change.”  Let’s trade in the change we got for Australia’s version!


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