ARROGANCE: President Mocks Critics of Obamacare

Written by The P/Oed Patriot

During a speech praising his Affordable Care Act at Maryland’s Prince George’s Community College today, President Obama decided to do something rather arrogant (Being himself basically) and mock critics of Obamacare, Michele Bachmann in particular:

The sad irony of the President’s comments is the fact that while women and children may not have been killed by Obamacare yet, according to an article on National Review, come October 1st your tax money may pay for 111,500 abortions a year.  Half of those may be subsidized through Obamacare created MSPs (Multi-State Plans) while the other half will be done through the Medicaid expansion (In states that allow taxpayer subsidized elective abortions).


So laugh away Mr. President, because while your Obamabots aren’t dragging people out in the streets and shooting them in the name of Obamacare (yet), soon little lives, some of them baby girls, will indeed be lost in the dark back rooms of abortion facilities because of it.

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