Arming Citizens in Florida With Free Shotguns; Libs Link to Trayvon Martin

The Armed Citizen Project wants to help citizens defend themselves in Florida. Started after a WWII vet’s home was burglarized, the ACP has seen success in Texas. Now, it’s offering free shotguns and gun instruction classes to those in need in Florida:

started up his program after WWII veteran Elbert Wood’s home was vandalized by hoodlums in January. – See more at:

WESH-2 TV via The Raw Story

Liberals are reacting to this empowering of 2nd Amendment rights in a predictable way: linking the gun giveaway and safety training to the killing of Trayvon Martin, which happened 20 miles away. Nevermind that George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder, and if he hadn’t defended himself with his gun, probably would have been killed.


By the way, here are some headlines from that same TV station in Florida today:

Officers Shoot Man Who Was Stabbing Woman Inside Daytona Beach Home

Man Pistol-Whipped, Carjacked in Area Near Recent Robberies: Victim was Making Deposit at ATM

Jurors Hear More Testimony in Rape Trial for Former Cop

Maybe these victims could have used a gun?

The thing is: you don’t need a gun until you need a gun. If you don’t have one then, it’s too late.

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