AP Reporter Asks State Department If Obama Administration Had Spine Removal Surgery?

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

This video is a few days old, but still worth posting for those that missed it. AP reporter Matt Lee asks State Department Psaki why the Administration claims that Obama is acting courageously by asking Congress for permission to attack Syria. Matt Lee goes on to explain that the Administration claims they do not need the permission of Congress, so Matt fails to see what is courageous about asking Congress for permission if the Administration feels war with Syria is the right choice.

Matt then follows up with a question asking if the Obama Administration had a spine removal procedure over the weekend?

Interestingly, Psaki response is to double down by saying Obama “has the authority to act without the cooperation of Congress.” Uh… no, Psaki… Obama does not have that authority.

Hat Tip RightScoop and BusinessInsider:


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