Breaking: Bradley Manning Gets 35 Years in Prison – Could Get Out in 10 Years

Breaking: Prosecutors wanted at least 60 years. Defense wanted 25 years.
Bradley Manning got a 35 year sentence today.

Manning could be released in a little over ten years after serving a third of his sentence.
He could be out when he’s 33 years old.

Private First Class Bradley Manning stole 251,000 State Department documents, many of them secret international embassy reports.
Manning smuggled the security documents out on a CD labeled “Lady Gaga.”


Never before has a superpower lost control of such vast amounts of sensitive information. The leaked documents reportedly came from the same source- Private First Class Bradley Manning – who was bitter after a breakup with his boyfriend. Manning, smuggled the information out of a secure facility on a CD-RW labeled “Lady Gaga.”

Bradley Manning was found not guilty of aiding the enemy – He was found guilty of 15 lesser charges last month.

UPDATE: A JAG officer and judge on FOX News just said Manning will serve at least two-thirds of his sentence.

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