Whoa!… Wildly Popular Anti-Obama Belly Dance Video Takes Egypt By Storm

Egyptian freedom protesters released this anti-Obama video five days ago and it already has over 160,000 views.
obama egpyt bad man

Belly dancer Sama al Masry slams Obama for supporting Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism.

The Jewish Press reported:


Egyptian belly dancer Sama Al Masry’s YouTube hit skewers President Obama, US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson, the Muslim Brotherhood and former Egyptian President Morsi

As noted by the Los Angeles Times last month, the anti-Morsi forces blame the United States for backing former Egptian President Mohamad Morsi, while pro-Morsi forces blame the U.S. for pretending that the overthrow of Morsi was not a coup. The popularity of a music video by Egyptian singer and belly dancer Sama Al Masry who ridicules and curses the U.S. president is just one example of the growing trend.

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