WAR ON WOMEN: Nancy Pelosi & Democrats Accused of Covering for Pervert Bob Filner (Video)

For thirty years pervert Democrat Bob Filner served in Congress.
What did Nancy Pelosi know and when did she know it?

War on Women
pelosi democrat women
Pelosi and fellow Democratic women pose for a photo outside the US Capitol. (Glamour)

Michelle Malkin today accused Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democratic women of covering for the pervert in their midst.  Pelosi and Filner were founding members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Today he is being accused of sexual harassment, perversion, and sexual abuse by at least 13 different women.


Filner’s abuse goes back several years according to his accusers. One woman told reporters, “I blew the whistle on [Bob Filner’s sexual harassment] two years ago to the Democratic Party leadership.”

And then there’s this from Moe Lane:

“In 2011 Bob Filner was a sitting federal Congressman; Nancy Pelosi was and is the House Minority Leader, AND a Californian. It is IMPOSSIBLE to believe that the former chair of the California Democratic party would approach Filner over sexual harassment allegations without bringing Pelosi into the loop.”

Michelle was on America Live Monday with Martha MacCallum:

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