WAR ON CHILDREN: Public School In Illinois May Have Hidden Accused Molesters Past

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Yet another example of public school teachers preying on children. This time, just outside of Chicago.

Prosecutors are investigating a complaint that Maine Township High School District 207 might have failed to properly notify the state’s child welfare agency about a former teacher accused of inappropriate conduct. [LINK]

Remember the good old days when #Progressives looked down their noses at Catholics for covering up child molestation crimes? Maybe they should clean up their own house before throwing the first stone.

The Tribune reported that the school board cited “immoral and cruel conduct,” alleging Krockover rubbed the legs and backs of girls, caressed their arms and shoulders and kissed them on the head, causing many to quit cheerleading. The newspaper also reported that the district said Krockover allegedly emailed and texted students, visited some at their jobs and bought some girls bikinis and designer jeans, records state.

Gross. Why are so many public school teachers molesting their kids? It’s almost like there’s a #Progressive a war on children.

Posted by Andrew Marcus – Director, Hating Breitbart


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