VIDEO: Liberal Radicals Harass & Bully Police “You’re a F**king Coward” – Then Claim To Be Bullied

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Here’s the back story to the video posted below: The main character is someone by the name of Antonio Buehler. Buehler and friends are no strangers to bullying the police as seen here, here, and here. They are activists for an organization called Peaceful Streets Project that has strong ties to the NAACP and the Black Panthers. My guess is this organization is an offshoot of the Occupy “F*ck the Police” community organizing—also posted at Facebook.

The video below picks up after Buehler and friends were following a police car around. The police officer fearing for his life, decides to pull Buehler over to investigate why Buehler has been following his police vehicle. Hilarity ensues as Buehler claims he’s too afraid to roll down the window, but apparently has no problem getting out of the car to scream in the officer’s face “You’re a F**king Coward!


The Peaceful Streets Project provides plenty of information and headlines that promote harassing the police.


The 60’s throwback peace logo at the Peaceful Streets Project is a nice touch too:


The Peaceful Streets Project also supplies an abundance of stories and claims of police brutality with accompanying analogies to Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin. One such example is a shooting of Larry Eugene Jackson, Jr. Similar to the early media cries of racism with Trayvon Martin, not all the facts are in on this story as noted by PJMedia. But when has a lack of facts ever stopped the Liberal activists from cries of “racism”?

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