VIDEO: Former Marine on Police State Build-Up: Government Fears Its Own People

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Hat Tip Right Scoop:

We all remember Obama’s comments from 2008 about some kind of brown shirt domestic military force that’s just as well equipped and funded as our foreign military force. Well, a former Marine colonel told a local city council meeting in Concord, N.H. that he believes that the federal government is indeed building a domestic force and he’s surprised the rest of us cannot see it. Given Obama’s statement from 2008 and the vehicle and ammunition purchases we’ve read about, it’s hard to say this is exactly conspiracy territory. The people in the room sure didn’t think so as they erupted in cheers when he was done speaking.

The description below the Youtube video reads as follows:

During testimony at the Concord City Council public hearing regarding the acquisition of a ManBearPig– er, I mean BearCat, the “Homeland Security” grant-subsidized (so, your money, regardless) armored attack truck (the manufacturer’s description, although the cops prefer “rescue vehicle,” which isn’t exactly prominent in the marketing materials for some reason) by local law enforcement’s Special Operations Unit, in Concord, NH, 8/12/2013, there was this little gem from retired Marine Colonel Pete Martino. […]

“Peter Martino is a citizen of the State of New Hampshire. Mr. Martino is a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve who has been mobilized three times. During his military career, he commanded an infantry platoon, company, and battalion. He was also the senior U.S. adviser to an Iraqi Army brigade. Mr. Martino has had a successful civilian career providing training, consulting, and program management services to private companies and to state and federal agency contractors. Mr. Martino presently holds a top secret security clearance.”


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