Two Churches Attacked – 15 Injured in Sectarian Clashes in Egypt

minya clashes
Fifteen people were injured, including one police officer and three conscripts, in confrontations between supporters of ousted president Mohamed Mursi and residents of Minya’s Beni-Ahmed village late on Saturday. (Copts United)

Christian Copts continue to be targeted by Muslim radicals following the removal of President Mohammad Morsi. Two Churches were attacked in Egypt this week.
Raymond Ibrahim reported:

Egypt’s Christian Copts continue to be targeted and scapegoated for the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hours ago, dozens of Brotherhood members and supporters attacked an “evangelical church” in the village of Reeda, in the governorate of al-Minya in Upper Egypt, destroying its exterior.   They also opened gunfire and hurled rocks and other projectiles at the Coptic Christian homes near the church, “creating,” according to the Tahrir report, “terror among the Copts, especially considering the total absence of security forces.”

separate report, also from hours ago, tells of how another church — as well as the residence of its priest — were set on fire in the Beni Ahmed village.

Such is the behavior of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies — the same group the Obama administration, especially in the person of the hated Anne Patterson, have long supported.

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