The Disaster Continues… Obamacare Forces Cuts to TX County’s Elderly & Disabled Services

Barack Obama Hates Disabled and Poor People.
Thanks to Obamacare small businesses, public service and community organizations across the country are forced to cut employee hours or a hefty face financial penalty.

Bee County Texas has cut employee hours for its community program that helps the disabled and the elderly due to the Obamacare law.
bee transit

KRISTV reported, via The Right Scoop:


A budget crunch in Bee County has a community program that helps the disabled and the elderly scrambling to keep their part-time employees.

When the Affordable Care Act takes effect next year, all part-time employees who work over 30 hours a week would have to get health insurance benefits, and that’s something Bee County can not afford.

So, with their fiscal year starting October, they’re capping the number of hours a part-time worker can work to 24 per week.

And that is causing issues for the Bee Community Action Agency.

One of their biggest functions is to help transport elderly and disabled people to and from appointments, jobs, etc…

All of their drivers are part-time.

And while some of their drivers are retirees and don’t rely on the income, there are some that do. And those drivers might head for greener pastures.

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