Ouch! FOX News Host Gregg Jarrett Pummels Obama Lapdog Alan Colmes (Video)

Sorry, Alan… Your junk talking points didn’t work this time.
FOX News host Gregg Jarrett pummeled far left radio host Alan Colmes today during an Obamacare debate.
Via Happening Now:

From the video:

Obama: The one unifying principle in the Republican Party right now is making sure that 30 million people don’t have health care.

Gregg Jarrett: It’s not 30 million, Alan. It’s 48 million. You’d think the president would understand a basic fundamental and important fact about his signature law.

Alan Colmes: He’s referring, that’s a little bit out of context…

Jarrett: No it wasn’t.

Colmes: He’s referring to the 30 million who will get healthcare under the Affordable Care Act.

Jarrett: No Alan, because the CBO did a study and said even after it’s fully implemented, it’s still will be 30 million who are uninsured.

Colmes: That’s in dispute.

Jarrett: No it’s not.

Colmes: The 30 million the president mentions in that clip was about the 30 million who will be covered under the Affordable Care Act.

Jarrett: It’s impossible. Do the math. 48 million uninsured you’re still going to have 30 million uninsured. That doesn’t add up to 30. Alright, gotta leave it at that.

Obama never was too good at math.
Remember, he’s the same one who believed you could spend your way to wealth.

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