SICK: Daily Kos Blames ‘White Male Privilege’ After Obama-Supporting Loon Shoots 3 People Dead

Liberalism. It’s a disease.
The far left’s leading blog Daily Kos blamed “white male privilege” after an unhinged Obama supporter went on a shooting rampage killing three people.
dem kos killer

The Daily Kos reported.

White Privilege Kills: Pennsylvania Mass Shooter Rockne Newell is a White Male Domestic Terrorist

Rockne Newell shot and killed three people yesterday and wounded several others during an attack on a municipal town board meeting in Pennsylvania.

A white man runs amok again. When will the white community have a serious conversation about the violence of its members? Where are the white Don Lemons and white media elites on Fox News and conservative talk radio showing leadership on the frightening trend that is white men committing acts of mass murder and violence in the United States?

White men are approximately 30 percent of the American public, but they account for 70 percent of mass shootings. The pathological mix that is gun culture and imperiled/aggrieved white masculinity is killing people–most of whom are white–yet, the white community looks the other way.

Umm… guys.
Rockne Newell is an Obama-supporting loon.
Get a clue.

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