SHOCKING CLAIM! ‘Teen Suspected Of Murdering WWII Vet Claims He Was Buying CRACK From 88-Year-Old’


One of the teenagers accused of murdering 88 year old WWII hero, Delbert ‘Shorty’ Belton, has made the shocking claim that he and his buddy were buying crack from the elderly bludgeoning victim.

Police have said that they have a letter in their possession, written by Adams-Kinard to his mother, in which he claims that Belton was selling them crack cocaine.

The letter said that after purchasing a ‘zip of crack cocaine from Shorty,’ the teens ‘proceeded to sock him.’

‘I took his wallet and another ounce of crack from his pockets,’ the letter said, according to the court document. ‘He was unconscious so I made sure he was still breathing, and then I took off.’

via DailyMail

Naturally Shorty’s family is shocked and outraged:

‘That’s a bunch of crock,’ Belton’s daughter-in-law Barbara Belton said to NBC News. ‘Of course these kids are going to make excuses.’

Either way, if the contents of the letter are accurate then it would appear to be an admission of guilt for battering the defenseless old man, crack or no crack.

Posted by Andrew Marcus, Director – Hating Breitbart