Shocker: Giant Billboard Near UCLA Seeks College Girls With ‘Good Oral Skills’ For “Sugar Daddies”

Guest Post by Breitbart News writer, Dan Riehl


A huge billboard near University of California Los Angeles’s (UCLA) Westwood features porn star Bree Olsen and advertises for female college co-eds with “good oral skills.”

“Do you have good oral skills?” asks the billboard which hangs over the corner of Pico and Gateway Blvds.

The ad is for Toronto-based, which claims to offer Sugar Daddies to young women in need of cash.

In January, a competitor,, which calls itself the elite Sugar Daddy service, released a study that alleged it was growing rapidly on U.S. college campuses. UCLA, for example, ranked 20th on a list of schools with the highest usage.

The job?  Providing “companionship” as a “sugar baby” for successful area men who in exchange provide money and gifts. also claims a Sugar Baby can expect to make approximately $3,000 a month.


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