Russian Social Media Giant Vkontakte Offers Edward Snowden a Job

Vkontakte founder Pavel Durov fled Russia in April after pressure from the Kremlin.
He has not been seen in public since then.

Russian social media giant Vkontakte offered Edward Snowden a job this week.
This comes after Russia offered Snowden asylum this week.
Press TV reported:

Russia’s biggest social network Vkontakte has offered a job to US National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden after Moscow granted temporary asylum to him.

“We invite Edward to St. Petersburg, and we will be happy if he decides to join Vkontakte’s star-studded programming team,” Pavel Durov, the chief executive of Vkontakte, wrote in a post on his Vkontakte page.

“I think Edward might be interested in working on protecting the personal data of millions of our users,” he added.

The American whistleblower was allowed to leave Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport on Thursday after he received a document by the Russian government.

Snowden, who had been holed up for over a month in the airport, released a statement on Thursday.

“Over the past eight weeks we have seen the Obama administration show no respect for international or domestic law, but in the end the law is winning,” Snowden said in the statement.

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