Rush Limbaugh: “If I had a father he would look like ‘Shorty’ Delbert Belton. If I had a son he would look like Chris Lane”

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

A full transcript can be found at Rush Limbaugh’s site. Rush stated the following:

“You know, if I had a father, he would look like “Shorty” Delbert Belton, and, if I had a son, he’d look like Chris Lane. Nobody’s gonna say that. Obama has not called the parents of Chris Lane. I don’t know if Obama has called anybody related to “Shorty” Delbert Belton, but these two were people killed by bored, thug-wannabe African-Americans.  There still has been more outrage over a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask than either of these two events combined. It’s this kind of thing — this cultural rot, this decay — that you can’t even address without being called a racist”

Hat Tip DailyRushbo:


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