Rep Steve King: “Boehner Clearly Is For Some Kind of Amnesty”

John Boehner: Clearly for some kind of amnesty
Speaker of the House John Boehner

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) told reporters on Thursday that Speaker John Boehner is clearly for “some kind of amnesty.”
The Sioux City Journal reported:

King said there are more pressing national issues and that passing a bad immigration reform plan would be harmful. But he said Boehner wants to move ahead with discussions in the House, which is problematic.

“(Boehner) clearly is for some kind of amnesty,” King said.

Boehner was among Republicans who blasted King after his July 23 comment that some children of illegal immigrants are drug smugglers. King said after Boehner chided him, he quickly wondered whether his effectiveness in the House could be undercut. That question is still unresolved, King said.

“We’ll see whether my effectiveness is greater or less,” the congressman said.

King said House colleagues continue to treat him warmly, so he figures he’s on solid ground with them as they work on other pieces of legislation.

Harry Reid told KNPR yesterday that if the House passes immigration and it goes to conference “it will lead in a win.”

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