Pro-Abortion Women Create Interactive Abortion Video Game, Hope to Make It A “Sex-Ed Tool” For High Schoolers

By: Rachel Pulaski

“Cultural historian” and Illinois Institute of Technology Ass. Professor Carly Kocurek has teamed with “poet” Allyson Whipple to create an abortion game for women. They say the “goal” of their game is to teach “empathy” and help women navigate through a wide array of barriers in order to obtain an abortion.  The game is called “Choice:Texas, A Very Serious Game” and Whipple categorizes her infanticide game as educational while comparing it to the vintage children’s game “Oregon Trail”.   She also hopes for this to be an “educational tool” for high schoolers.  The game is set for release in February 2014.

Life Site News reported:

Besides teaching “awareness and empathy,” Kocurek and Whipple hope the game provides, “a sex education tool for older high schoolers.” Whipple explained their intent in an interview, highlighting how, “Many people, including privileged pro-choice people, do not realize the extent to which people with less privilege struggle with geography, time, and money to obtain abortions.”

Their IndieGoGo, which asked for donations, advertised the game in further detail:

The game “Choice: Texas” is an educational interactive fiction game which will be freely available on the web. Players will explore the game through one of several characters, each of whom reflects specific socioeconomic, geographic, and demographic factors impacting abortion access in Texas. Although billed as interactive fiction, Choice: Texas is based on extensive research into healthcare access, legal restrictions, geography, and demographics, and is reflective of the real circumstances facing women in the state.

In other words, as feminist site Jezebel translated: “Sounds like a uniquely challenging game, and maybe something every anti-choice legislator should by forced to play.”

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