Outrageous! Spike Lee – Who Incited Racist Lynch Mobs – Dons Ebony’s Trayvon Cover

Guest Post by Kristinn Taylor

Apparently, inciting racist lynch mobs is approved by the ‘black Time magazine’ if the instigator is a famous black filmmaker and the victims are “white Hispanics.”

Ebony magazine is featuring film director Spike Lee, who last year tried to incite a lynch mob against the family of George Zimmerman by Tweeting what he thought was their home address, on their cover.  Spike and his son don their hoodies for the September issue entitled “We are all Trayvon.”   The magazine included several photos of black fathers and sons in grey hoodies.

spike lee trayvon ebony
For the record, if your son, Spike, refrains from jumping a neighborhood watchman and beating his head on the sidewalk, he ought to be just fine.

The address Lee sent out last year was not actually that of the Zimmerman family, but was a different George Zimmerman from Sanford, Florida.  The family that lived there had to flee their home in terror after receiving numerous threats after Lee tweeted their address. The family again fled in terror as the second degree murder trial of Zimmerman occurred this summer.

Lee quickly settled with the family last year in a deal arranged by the firm of Florida attorney John Morgan. Both Lee and Morgan were fundraisers for Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

The other three Ebony covers this month feature the parents and half-brother of Trayvon Martin (sans hoodies) on one, Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade and actor Boris Kodjoe on the other two.

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